Claim/Evidence/Reasoning Chart CER

Mr. Dawursk – English “Current Events”

Prompt (What to do?):


Read each of the four articles about gun control.  After you have properly text coded the articles, decide what your “claim”” will be.  Are you for gun control or against it?    Pick your claim: “Gun control will decrease violence in America;” or
Gun control will not decrease violence in America.”


Use at least two documents to support your claim and give at least three different reasons to support your claim. 


Be sure to “cite” your textual evidence and use “quotes” when directly copied.


Claim (Statement that you are going prove from the text):





General Reasons
that support the claim:

Examples and Evidence:

(Copied quote or specific example with page or article #)

(how this evidence supports my claim/answer):

“This evidence shows . . . “

“This suggests . . .”

“This supports the claim because . . .”











































Summary (Restate the claim, combine your evidence and reasoning, end with a concluding sentence):
Use proper paragraph form with a topic sentence (your claim) and at least one sentence for each “reason” (including the evidence proving your reasons), and a concluding sentence.  









































Citation: (If you quote from an additional source)