Shakespeare's Julius Caesar Mini-Project



    Check out the following website for your group's presentation.

    One person in the group is the reader, one person is the note taker, and two students are the presenters.

    Read it out loud to the rest of your group.

    Work together.

    You have just 20 minutes to find your topic, read it, take notes.

    Present your lesson to the class. The lesson should be 1-2 minutes maximum.

    Your notes will be shown on the Elmo projector or via your technology.



Group #1: Context:


Group #2: Characters:


Group #3: Major Characters:


Group #4: Themes:


Group #5: Motif & Symbols:


Group #6: Quotations #1 & 2:


Group #7: Quotations #3 & 4:


Group #8: Time, Places, & Construction of the Play: Cliff Notes pg. 54-56 (not on line)