Advanced Theatre -- Children’s Production


Graded Assignments and Requirements (dates are subject to change):


December 1: Create a set design for the production “Red vs. the Wolf.” It must be portable and fit into a van.

December 2: Create a detailed prop list and the place in the script where it is needed.  Create a cost-efficient costume description for every character in the production “Red vs. the Wolf.”

December 5: Write the third and last two act minimum play critique.

December 7: Write a play critique for the play production “Red vs. the Wolf.”

December 7: Have pages 1-8 memorized.

December 9: Write a character analysis of your character in “Red vs. the Wolf.”

December 12: Have pages 1-15 memorized.

December 19: Have pages 1-22 memorized.

January 13??: Your acting and overall participation in the production will be graded as a Unit Test grade.

January 16-20: Write a simple production critique for each of the 10-15 minute acting ensembles in the Introduction to Theatre course.

January 26: Your final reflection paper is your final exam for the course.  Details about its content will be given to the class one day prior to the final exam.




Every CAP: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Tuesday’s after the lesson.

Please check first with your CAP teacher for attendance then report directly to room 314.


After school and break-time practices:


December 20 (After School): 3:15 to 5:30 PM


December 22 (After School): 3:15 to 5:30 PM


++December 30 (During Break – Set Construction and rehearsal): 10:00 to 4:00 PM 

Mr. Dawursk will buy pizza for the cast / crew.  This date needs to be approved by the administration.



Additional practices will be scheduled as needed in January.  The actual show dates and school locations are yet to be determined.  Students are responsible for their own costumes and make-up but will need to be approved by Mr. Dawursk prior to final production.