Format Requirements for the Author/Playwright Study Media Presentation



Mr. Dawursk - English








Both the power point and the poster should not usually include complete sentences.  Use phrases and when necessary very short sentences as “bullet points.”  Do not copy paragraphs from your essay or from another source and simply paste them into your presentation. 


Example:  “Fred Smith was born December 10, 1932 in Wausau, Wisconsin to George and Martha Smith who were farmers in the area.” 

This should be changed to:

·         Born 12/10/32 Wausau, WI

·         Parents were farmers.

Your verbal presentation could highlight any additional information such as the parent’s names.



Power PointEach section is a slide and each slide must include a picture or art work.


 IMPORTANT: You MUST either bring your power point file on a USB drive the day it is due OR provide it via e-mail in advance to

The teacher will NOT allow presentations to be taken from your own school account site, drop box or comparable sites, and you will not be allowed to leave the classroom to re-send the file.  PLAN AHEAD.  The teacher will confirm via return e-mail that he/she has received your power point presentation. 



#1  Title:



·   Writer’s First and Last Name

·    Writer’s beliefs

#2  Background:

·    Political views

·    Birth date and place;

·    Opinions

·    Important facts about growing-up;

·    Critiques / Critics

·    Cultural influences;

·    Activities

·    Family (parents);

#5 Works:

·    Education

·    Greatest Work

#3 First Work:

·    Why is it considered the “greatest?”

·    Title

·    Sample Lines

·    Why writer wrote it

·    List other works

·    Focus of literature

#6 Death/Current:

·    Include sample lines from actual writing

·    Date / Place of death


·    Impact of writer on society and change



Poster: Poster should have each section above located below. There is only ONE picture. 
              Decorate the poster with additional color and professionalism.