Huck Finn Questions
Chapter 1
1. With whom was Huck living at the beginning of the book? 
2. Who is the narrator of the book? 
3. What relation is Miss Watson to the Widow Douglas? 
4. Who takes care of Huck and Tom's money? 
5. Who was waiting for Huck Finn after midnight? 
Chapter 2
6. To whom did Jim belong? 
7. Who did Jim say gave him the 'five-center piece' he wore around his neck? 
8. Who was called a cry-baby? 
9. What was the "line of business" of the gang? 
10. Who was elected Second Captain over 'Tom Sawyer's Gang?' 
Chapter 3
11. Why did Huck get a good 'going-over?' 
12. How did Huck know that his 'Pap' wasn't drowned? 
Chapter 4
13. Where did Jim get his hairball?
14. What made Huck suspect Pap was back? 
15. Who is Pa?
16. Where is Pap at the end of the chapter?
Chapter 5
17. How did Huck's unexpected visitor get in the room? 
18. What did Pap trade his new coat for? 
19. What did the judge recon a body would need to reform Pap? 
Chapter 6
20. What did Pap get every time he got money? 
21. What object did Huck use to escape the cabin? 
22. Why does Pap not vote? 
Chapter 7
23. For what did Huck dive in the water? 
24. What did Huck drop "so as to look like it had been done by accident?"
25. What was Huck's destination once he was in the canoe? 
Chapter 8
26. Why was the ferry-boat firing the cannon? 
27. How long is Jackson Island? 
28. What did Huck find that made his "heart jump up amongst his lungs?"
29. Why was Jim afraid of Huck? 
30. Why didn't Huck believe that bees didn't sting idiots? 
Chapter 9
31. How wide was the island? 
32. What did Jim say that the little birds said? 
33. Were they right? 
34. How did the man in the house die? 
Chapter 10
35. What did Huck and Jim find sewed up in the lining of an old blanket overcoat? 
36. After Jim got bit by the rattlesnake, what did he have Huck do with the rattles? 
37. Why does Huck think that Jim got bit by the snake? 
38. What two objects did they find in the stomach of the catfish? 
Chapter 11
39. Who is Sarah Williams? 
40. Where is Sarah from? 
What three ways did Mrs. Loftus ascertain Sarah's true gender?
Chapter 12
44. What is a tow-head?
45. What two items did Huck and Jim decide to NOT "borrow?" 
46. According to Huck Finn, how much do steamboat captains make per month? 
Chapter 13
47. What's the name of the wreck? 
48. According to Huck Finn, how many wives did Solomon have? 
Chapter 14
49. How many boxes of cigars did Huck and Jim get from the ferry-boat? 
50. How did Louis the XVI die? 
Chapter 15
51. Where did Huck lose the raft? 
Chapter 16
52. What town were Huck and Jim looking for? 
53. Why was Huck miserable? 
54. How did the raft get destroyed? 
Chapter 17
55. What was Huck's pseudonym? 
56. How did Huck find out his pseudonym after he'd forgotten it? 
57. How did Stephen Dowling Bots Die? 
Chapter 18
58. Who was Col. Grangerfords oldest son? 
59. At what time was Miss Sophia supposed to have her rendezvous?
60. With whom did Sophia Grangerford run off with? 
Chapter 19
61. Who wouldn't say, "dern the fog"? 
The two men said that they were really
62.  63. 
Chapter 20
64. How old was the imaginary boy named Ike? 
65. How much did the King make at the camp meeting? 
Chapter 21
66. What play are the duke and the king rehearsing? 
67. What is the "most celebrated thing in Shakespeare"? 
68. Who Killed Boggs? 
Chapter 22
69. Colonel Sherburn says that the average man is a ____________. 
Chapter 23
70. How much did "them rapscallions" take in in three nights? 
71. Who does Huck say is Henry the Eighth's father? 
72. Why did Jim feel bad about hitting his daughter? 
Chapter 24
73. What was Peter Wilkes occupation while he was living? Tanner 
Who are Peter Wilkes' three nieces? 
74.   75.   76. 
Chapter 25
77. How much were the king and duke short of $6,000 in the basement? 
78. Who told the girls the King was a fraud? 
Chapter 26
79. Where did Huck hide to eavesdrop on the king and duke? 
80. Where did the King put the money? 
Chapter 27
81. Where did Huck stick the money? 
82. Why was the dog howling in the basement during the funeral? 
83. Whom did Huck say he had seen in the king's room?        .
Chapter 28
84. To where was Mary Jane going for 4 days? 
85. In what town did the duke and the king play the "Royal nonesuch"?
86. Who was the man with the broken arm? 
Chapter 29
87. What did the king say was tattooed on Peter Wilkes breast? 
88. What did Harvey Wilkes say was tattooed on his brother’s breast? 
Chapter 30
89. What does the duke say is the one smart thing the king did, the thing that saved them? 
90. A freebie question. This is called grace.
Chapter 31
91. At whose house was Jim when Huck came back to the raft? 
92. How much did the king get for Jim? 
93. How much was the reward for Jim? 
94. True or False: Huck found out that you can't pray a Lie
Chapter 32
95. What is Silas' wife's name? 
96. Who do Mr. and Mrs. Phelps think Huck is? 
Chapter 33
97. Who was coming from town in a wagon? 
98. What did the stranger do to Aunt sally that made her almost hit him?
99. What happened to the king and the duke? 
Chapter 34
What two clues assured Tom and Huck that Jim was in the shed?  
102. How did Tom and Huck finally decide to free Jim? 
Chapter 35
103. What did Tom and Huck hear that made them stop talking about Jim's escape? 
104. How many knives did Tom want Huck to "smouch"? 
Chapter 36
105. What kind of pie did Tom tell Nat to make? 
106. How many tallow candles did tom steal? 
Chapter 37
107. Where do they keep the boots and rags, and pieces of bottles and wore-out tin things, and all such truck? 
According to Tom, from where did William the Conqueror come, and on what ship?
Chapter 38
110. What does "Maggoire fretta, minore atto" mean? 
111. What was Jim to get instead of a rattlesnake? 
112. What was Tom going to put in Jim's coffee pot? 
Chapter 39
113. What did Tom and Huck see dripping from the rafters , landing on plates and down the back of your neck? 
114. What did Tom and Huck do with the sawdust? 
Chapter 40
115. What happened that alerted the farmers to Tom, Huck, and Jim's presence? 
116. What was Jim wearing during the "evasion"? 
Chapter 41
117. Who went to get the doctor? 
118. Why? 
119. Why didn't the dogs lead the farmers to Jim and the boys? 
Chapter 42
120. How much did the doctor say a slave like Jim was worth? 
Chapter “The Last”
121. How much money was waiting for Huck back home? 
122. How did Huck's Pap die?