Thinking Questions for “The Lottery”

1.      Where and when does the lottery take place? Describe the location.

2.      How does the author tell us what is going to happen (foreshadow)?

3.      What supplies are used to perform the lottery and what do they do to keep the ceremony the same every year (tradition)?

4.      What is the role of Old Man Warner in the story? How does the author use him?

5.      The lottery is run by Mr. Summers (the owner of the coal company) and Mr. Graves (the postmaster). What do their names and their jobs symbolize or suggest to the reader?

6.      When you read the story, you started to figure out that the people really did not want to “win” the lottery.  At what place in the story did you figure that out? Why?

7.      What is the “procedure” of the lottery? Define procedure and tell how it applies in the story.

8.      How did Old Man Warner react to the fact that in the north village “they’re talking of giving up the lottery”?

9.      What does the story say about traditions and ceremonies? Are they always good?  Tell me why or why not.

10. Did you like the story?  Explain why or why not.