Theatre Terms: Week #6

Dramatics - Mr. Dawursk


Stealing the Scene:

Taking audience attention away from the proper focal point.


Take down set and props after the show's performance.

Tag Line:

Final line of play.

Take Stage:

To capture audience attention legitimately, as opposed to "give" and "share."


Overhead curtain that masks the first border of lights and that regulates the height of the proscenium opening.


Basic idea of the play that gives unity to all elements.

The Method:

refers to the stanislavski approach to acting.

Throw Away:

Under emphasize a line or action.


To give lines and movement at the exact, effective moment.


To exceed the tempo and pitch of the previous speech


Side curtains or flats that adjust the proscenium width at the extreme down right and left.


Opening in stage floor that permits actors to enter from beneath the floor or to the exit beneath it.


Auditions for parts in a play.


Actor who is able to play a given role in an emergency


Area farthest away from audience, toward the backstage wall.


Rolling platform on which horizon scenery or lights are placed for quick changes.

Walk On:

A part where the actor walks on and off stage without having any lines to say.


To notify that a cue is approaching.


Off stage to right or left of the acting area.

Work Lights:

White lights used solely for rehearsal. In some theatres the strip lights are used in place of work lights.

X- ray border:

Compartmental lamps that hang on the first border to help blend acting area spots; usually wired for three colors.