Talk To Me Session (TTM)

English / Communications –  Mr. Dawursk


Student Name _______________________________________________


The “Talk to Me” session (TM) is a method of getting students to take control of their minds while speaking. 

The process is simple: a random student (as decided by the teacher or agreed to by a student) is chosen to speak before the class. 


The rules are as follows:


1)     VIOLATION A: No note cards or prepared speeches are allowed.

2)     VIOLATION B: The student may talk about anything (within school moral and ethic guidelines) and may change the subject as often as he/she wishes.

3)     VIOLATION C: The student may not interact with the rest of the class during the session (e.g. asking questions, etc).

4)     VIOLATION D: No guttural noises or fillers are allowed (e.g. and, um, ah, etc).

5)     VIOLATION E: No repetitious conjunctions between sentences (e.g. and, but, etc)

6)     VIOLATION F: No laughing or pauses more than FIVE seconds long.

7)     The student must talk a minimum of THREE minutes the first round, FOUR minutes the second round without a maximum violation

8)     The maximum violation for the first round is TWO.

9)     The maximum for the second round is ONE.

10) The TM session is graded on a 100% scale proportionate to the amount of time accumulated without a violation.  The minimum time is an A – 100%.

11) The student must sit or stand in front of the class for the TM session. He/she can not remain in their classroom seat for the session.

12) A student may try as many times as are possible.  Each student will be given an opportunity before another student goes a second time in a round.

13) The time starts at zero at the beginning of each try.  The highest time recorded before violation will be the basis for the final grade in the round. 






Time Before Violation

Violation Code




A   B   C   D   E   F




A   B   C   D   E   F




A   B   C   D   E   F




A   B   C   D   E   F




Final Percent for Round:  ______%